Small Duct Systems for Efficiency & Aesthetics

Heating & cooling systems with up to 3 times the efficiency of large diameter ducting and uncompromised design.

Take Control with Smart Zones

AirSmart thermostat controls allow you to program temperatures, times and even divide your home into zones to suit your lifestyle. AirSmart gives you even temperature comfort throughout your home and uses less energy to do it. AirSmart heats or cools each zone according to its individual set temperature, not the temperature of a central thermostat.

Why does this matter?

If the winter sun is warming a zone on the north side of your home, that zone can spend less energy to reach temperature. In a traditional system, a single central thermostat will overheat the same area while other areas will remain much cooler – giving you hot and cold spots.

Energy Smart

We are making a positive impact in our world. AirSmart Venturi systems are among the most energy efficient systems on the market today. Because AirSmart ducts are smaller, less heat energy is wasted. Our smart ducting is up to 300% more thermally efficient than traditional large duct systems. The lower air volume required in an AirSmart system combined with our high efficiency fan unit significantly reduce overall running costs.

Super-fast Heating + Cooling

Our engineers have developed AirSmart to utilise the Venturi Effect to rapidly heat or cool indoor spaces. With less air drafts and whisper quiet delivery, AirSmart works even in large open-plan spaces.

Reduce indoor air contamination

50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air. The allergen level in today’s super-insulated homes are up to 200% higher than in ordinary homes. The fact is that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, where air is typically two to five times worse than the air outdoors.
Team AirSmart with SmartVent Synergy for the ultimate heating cooling and ventilation solution.

Energy Source Flexibility

The small duct air delivery system can work with most energy sources. It is common to have more than one energy source; such as a hot water boiler for heating and an add-on cooling-only refrigeration condensing unit for cooling).

SmartVent System Upgrades

Trying to fit into a tight spot?

Many of today’s buildings are designed with flat roofs and limited ceiling space. This makes heating and cooling installations difficult, compromising and expensive. Until now. AirSmart’s smart ducting, as small as 100mm diameter, fits almost anywhere so you can avoid bulkheads or large cavities.

Always discreet

AirSmart can be ingeniously recessed out of sight. Here, our air grille is hidden in the gap above the pantry cupboards.

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Comparing the difference…

AirSmart Venturi™
Dumps a high volume of drafty conditioned air.
Venturi-effect injects a low volume of energy-dense air.
Poor temperature response.
Rapid temperature response.
Requires large amount of air to diffuse slowly throughout the room to achieve even small temperature change.
The venturi-effect promotes surrounding air towards the air grille, changing temperature quickly.
Creates temperature stratification: hot ceiling ‘clouds’ and cool floors due to ineffective mixing
More consistent temperature from floor to ceiling. No more hot or cold spots.
Noisy. Large volumes of air moving across deflector vanes results in noisy grilles.
Whisper quiet. AirSmart air grilles do not need deflection vanes so air passes through quietly, while allowing air grilles to be smaller.
Drafty. Large volumes of air means more drafts
No drafts. With half the air movement.
Grilles must often be placed in full view,in order to be effective
Can be placed anywhere without impacting performance. In corners, floor, ceiling and even walls

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