SmartVent Filters & Replacements

To keep your SmartVent system running at its peak only use genuine
SmartVent high-grade filters.

Replacing a SmartVent Filter

When your system control panel indicates your filter is full you can replace it with an approved SmartVent Filter.

SmartVent F7 Filter

SmartVent use high quality filters designed to capture dust, pollens & allergens with 80-90% arrestance of particles 0.4 microns and above. Only a genuine SmartVent filter cartridge has optimum width to custom fit the filter frame.

We recommend replacing after approx 12 months for maximum effectiveness, although your controller will tell you when your filter is full.

Replacement Cartridge: DCT2093

Carbon Filters

The Carbon filter option is an absorbent filter that will effectively trap odours, pollutants and particulates passing through it. We recommend replacing after 6 months for maximum effectiveness.

Replacement Cartridge: DCT2277

Hepa Filters

99.97% efficient, prevent the spread of airborne bacteria and viral organisms at the 0.3 micron particle size. A Hepa filter is recommended for those with allergies or breathing ailments.

We recommend replacing after 6 months for maximum effectiveness.

Replacement Cartridge: DCT2278

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Other Filter Media Available for Previous
Models of SmartVent

SmartVent Home Ventilation Filter Box

For a SmartVent system with a silver rectangular filter box you will require, order code: DCT1212 – F7 filter media.

Air Filter

For a SmartVent system with a Sock filter you will require order code, DCT1411 – G4 sock filter media.

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Watch this video for how to RESET your controller and the CHANGE FILTER light switches off.

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