Climate control for your home
at your finger tips

Our tablet-based SmartVent Evolve helps you control humidity and temperature levels to reduce condensation.

SmartVent Evolve is a positive pressure system so it ventilates your home superbly. But it also includes humidity and temperature sensors to more effectively control air moisture levels. It’s controlled via a tablet or your own Wi-Fi enabled device.

An Evolve positive pressure system with humidity and temperature sensors works great in all homes.

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Advanced positive-pressure ventilation with humidity & temperature sensors.
Established Homes, Renovated Homes, New Builds, Apartments
1-6 standard rooms, extendable up to 12 rooms
Heat Transfer Kit
Summer feature Kit
PTC Room heater
Tempering Heater
Extension Kits

Tablet Control System

Revolutionising home ventilation systems is our intelligent tablet based controller. Monitor your system on the optional tablet or via WiFi/network on your own device.

At a glance, check temperatures around the home. Set the system to do what you want, when you want with the scheduler.

The Evolve controller comes with other clever features such as Boost mode, Eco level indicator and a Dew point monitor.

Monitor Temperature & Humidity

Because SmartVent Evolve has multiple sensors for both temperature and humidity, the Evolve control system is designed to deliver optimal ventilation and comfort as conditions change in and around your home.

Filtering the air from pollens, dust and allergens

Advanced centrifugal fan draws air through genuine SmartVent hospital grade – F7 filters, which trap up to 90% of pollens, dust and allergens.

The new air forces out the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew.

Optimal Ventilation & Comfort

The Positive Pressure Evolve system ensures that optimal ventilation and comfort is delivered to your home as conditions changes.

The system draws fresh air into the home from two sources. Upgrades for Positive Pressure include heat transfer & summer feature.

  1. From your roof space
  2. Directly outside from under a soffit (Optional)

Ready for upgrades when you are

All our SmartVent home ventilations are future-proofed with optional upgrades and extensions.

Upgrades such as Heat Transfer, Summer Feature, Tempering Heater and PTC Heaters can be easily added to your basic system.

Talk to one of our Home Ventilation Experts to recommend the best system for your home.

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Optional Upgrades

All our SmartVent home ventilations are future proofed with optional upgrades and extensions.
Here’s whats available with our Evolve system…

Why choose a SmartVent?

All our SmartVent home ventilations are future proofed with optional upgrades and extensions. Here’s what’s available with our Positive Pressure system…

Quality Components

We only use superior quality fans, filters, duct & diffusers to introduce air into the home.

Whisper Quiet

We use top quality insulated, acoustic ducting to reduce air noise and retain temperature.

Premium Filters

We fit medical-grade F7 filters to capture dust, pollen and mould spores as standard.

5 year warranty

Backed by the manufacturer’s 5 year warranty, our fans are truly reliable.

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