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SmartVent Positive Digital – Summer Feature Kit

How to turn your Summer Feature Kit on.

SmartVent Positive Digital – Filter change

How to change your SmartVent filter & reset your digital wall controller

SmartVent Positive Evolve – Filter Change

How to change your SmartVent evolve filter & reset the controller.

SmartVent Positive Evolve -Control

Learn more about your controller & settings guide for Evolve

SmartVent Positive Evolve – Router

Learn more on how to connect your Evolve Tablet to the wireless router

SmartVent Positive Digital – Heat transfer upgrade

Adjusting your controller if you have the optional Heat transfer upgrade

SmartVent Positive Digital – Winter Settings

Adjust your SmartVent Positive temperature settings during the winter months.
Set the Minimum & Maximum Temperature to make the most of your SmartVent Positive System.

SmartVent Positive Digital – Recycle Mode

Adjust your SmartVent Positive digital settings to with the Recycle mode off

What do SmartVent systems do? What is the difference between SmartVent systems?

SmartVent Positive system draws fresher, drier air into your home either from the roof cavity or outside (optional). This air is then passed through a filter and introduced into the home. This process positively pressurises the home creating air circulation and forcing out the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew resulting in a more comfortable home.

SmartVent Synergy is different from most other home ventilation systems. It is a completely balanced system, capable of extracting stale, moisture-laden air from inside your home and bringing in fresh, dried air simultaneously. Best of all, Synergy is an energy recovery system that recovers and re-uses energy already paid for from the air extracted from the home.

How do I know what system suits my house the most?

SmartVent Positive systems are suitable for most homes and particularly well suited to older homes where timber joinery and older aluminium joinery allow air to be forced out more easily and create better air circulation.

SmartVent Synergy systems are particularly suited to modern homes that are better insulated with modern joinery which results in homes being more airtight. Synergy systems in these situations are a complete solution to achieving an optimum healthy home environment.

What does the SmartVent system cost to run?

The most common model (SV04S, 4 outlet system with summer feature) will cost as little as 15c per day to run. This calculation is based on a $0.14 kilowatt/hour electricity cost and is subject to consumer settings and duty ratio.

Will dust and other contaminants enter my home from the roof or outside?

No, SmartVent systems use high-grade filters to greatly reduce harmful particles entering your home. Some of the smaller systems include a G4 sock filter, while the other models include a high quality F7 hospital-grade filter that captures 80-90% of fine pollens, dusts and allergens from the air, making it cleaner and safer to breathe. A high quality F7 filter is a must for families with asthma and allergy sufferers.

Can I install this in my 2 or 3 storey house?

Yes, SmartVent systems can be installed into a multi-storey house. Inlets can be mounted in the top storey rooms only but better ventilation will be achieved by spreading the inlets between the storeys. The back of cupboards, wardrobes or other available voids would need to be used to run ducting down to lower floors.

Where should the outlets go?

We recommend that you place an outlet in your living areas and bedrooms. With regard to placement within each room, the outlets should be located centrally within each room. Away from any windows and doors so the air has time to circulate within the room prior to escaping out any windows or doors.

What do the vents look like?

They are circular vents. Our vents can either be installed on the ceilings on walls.

What added benefit does the summer feature system provide?

With the summer feature installed, in the summer months instead of bringing hot air from your roof space into your already warm home the system automatically switches to draw cooler air from outside into your home. This provides a system that ventilates all year round maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment for you and your family.

What are Summer recommended settings?

For Summer settings – Lower the “Maximum Temperature” to minimise the heat coming into your home. This will switch the system to the air from outside if you have the “Second Air Source Kit” feature installed.

What are Winter recommended settings?

For Winter settings – Starting at 5C. Raise the “Minimum Temperature” a degree or two every few days until you notice condensation on your windows. Then lower it just to the point where it keeps up with the condensation. Raise the “Maximum Temperature” to utilize all the heat in the ceiling space to help warm your home.

Where can I buy my filter?

Please go to our “Find a Filter” page to locate your nearest stockist.

How do I reset the filter timer of my SmartVent Digital System?

The SmartVent controller flashes the “change filter” light on the control panel and will also display “Filter Full” on the first line of the display when the filter needs replacing. Replace the filter by accessing the roof cavity; replace the filter with the appropriate version and type.

Enter the System Setup on the wall controller using the Mode button, press the up arrow button five times until you get to the “Filter Status” press the select button. The display will show “Reset Filter Timer? No” use the up arrow button to change the display to “Reset Filter Timer? Yes”, press the select button to reset the filter timer. The display will revert to “Filter Status”. Press the mode button to exit from the System Setup the display will revert back to normal (no “Filter Full”) and the “change filter” light will be off.