Finally, a stylish looking and high performing bathroom heater fan!

Posted on 4 Sep, 2017 | Bathroom Extraction

Manrose Designer have launched the new FAN6577, stylishly simple aesthetic completely integrated bathroom heater.


“New Zealand’s best selling Manrose bathroom extraction range has now become even stronger.” says Kevin Merton, Market Manager – Extraction and Heat for Simx.
“We noticed a growing emphasis on simple clean lines from bathroom designers and home owners. Our answer to this demand is FAN6577, an even more elegant bathroom heater. It also comes with ducted fan extraction, as well as LED lighting.”


“ Heating is provided by way of a reflected 1000 Watt halogen heat lamp housed behind the central panel.” explains Kevin. This is flanked on either side by air extraction grilles. A pair of 12 Watt LED light panels are positioned at either end of the unit.”

The power-saving LED light panels have a combined 2000 lumen light output, which you can switch independently of the extraction and heating functions. A 3-way wall switch is supplied with the standard kit. Also included is 3 metres of 150mm ducting, with connection accessories and an exterior eggcrate grille.

In conclusion, the result is a clean and stylish bathroom heater/ fan/ light system, that will integrate comfortably into any modern bathroom design. Locate your nearest stockist.

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