SmartVent, recommended by EECA

Posted on 27 Jul, 2017 | Home Ventilation

Only SmartVent offers temperature and humidity sensor technology to help reduce condensation.

EECA has found that systems that aren’t controlled by humidity sensors can increase moisture levels in your house. For best performance, look for a system that considers both temperature and humidity of supply air and inside the house. SmartVent Evolve2 offer these recommended temperature & humidity features in positive pressure systems and while SmartVent Synergy2 offers the same features in energy recovery systems.

SmartVent Evolve2 and SmartVent Synergy2 systems effectively control air moisture levels and can be controlled via a touchscreen controller.

The SmartVent Synergy2 system draws fresh drier air into your home while extracting moist and stale air from inside the home.

Both systems use acoustic insulated ducting for quieter operation and all systems are DIY friendly.

These advances are part of what makes it the best choice in home ventilation.

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