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Posted on 31 Jul, 2017 | Bathroom Extraction

Whether you are building new or remodelling a bathroom, it is important to consider how the bathroom will be ventilated. If not extracted effectively, steam will very quickly create mould & mildew on ceilings, sills and walls and the bathroom will feel cold and damp. The size of the room is fundamental for choosing a fan that can effectively remove steam.


Bathrooms require 11 – 15 ‘Air Changes per Hour’ to effectively remove steam. ‘ACH’ indicates the airflow rate sufficient to remove/replace the total volume of air in a room per hour. To find the ‘ACH’ calculate the volume of a room in cubic metres (m3) by multiplying the length x width x height.
For example: 2.8m x 2.6m x 2.4m = 17.47m3. Multiply the volume 17.47m3 x 15, the recommended air changes per hour to calculate the fan performance required to effectively ventilate the room. The result in this example requires a fan performance of 262/hr.


To achieve optimum steam extraction, use fans that can be placed close to the source (over or near the shower). For larger, designer showerheads the 150mm FAN0101 from Manrose is a complete in-line kit option that removes steam effectively awith an impressive performance rate of 394m3/hr. There is a range of suitable Manrose fan options including in-line kits, wall or ceiling mount, thru-wall kits and combination heat and heater/fan/lights. Which fan application you choose will be determined by the physical layout and design of the bathroom/ensuite.


To ensure maximum airflow performance, make up air is required for a fan to function efficiently. It is air that replaces the extracted one and can be achieved with a gap under or a grille in the door to draw from an adjacent room or hallway. Best practice would position the fan to draw make up air directly past the main path of steam during extraction for optimal ventilation.

The addition of combination heat fan/light units, give extra warmth and light to larger bathrooms.
Primarily added for the heat lamps, they provide direct warmth below. You are then best to place the product near the basin or close to a bath, where you are more likely to stand. When you don’t need the heat component, these units still offer the convenience of extra light.
Furthermore, supplementary ventilation is included and Manrose has a 4 heat lamp version best suited to complement dedicated extraction fans in larger bathrooms, or a 2 heat lamp model with ventilation suitable for an ensuite or smaller bathroom.
The Manrose Designer LED HFL models offer higher levels of extraction in a stylish linear unit.


Manrose extraction fans include high quality ball bearing motors to ensure longevity of operation. This is supported by a five-year warranty. New engineering improves the performance of many 150mm fans to extract 109l/s, a quiet 38dB and a low 27 Watts. Manrose is offering you the best ventilation for your bathroom build.

For more information, visit our Manrose website.

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