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Black is the new black!

Design styling and sophistication with the NEW Matt Black range of Manrose Designer Series interior black grilles and the exterior weatherproof cowl.

Manrose are launching an exclusive range of Designer Series black grilles and cowl to complement the growing need for black accessories, especially in high-end bathrooms. The grilles are one way of using the strength of black, as an accent in bathrooms, without overwhelming the space.

“We undertook market research with designers in New Zealand and are excited to be able to respond to their needs” says Kevin Merton, Simx Market Manager for Extraction and Heat. As the market-leader in bathroom extraction solutions, it is great to be able to further extend the very comprehensive Manrose best-selling bathroom products range”. “Black has long been a design favorite, but it has taken a recent surge in popularity, particularly for bathroom fittings.” We are also thrilled to now be in a position to offer a wide range of custom colours for project quantity orders.” “The exterior doesn’t miss out either with the ever popular 150mm Weatherproof Cowl now receiving the elegant Designer Series matt black treatment, as a highly sort after range addition.”

Create a bold and stylish bathroom, or exterior design, with contrasting elements, too often neglected! Details of the 4 New 150mm Matt Black Manrose Designer Series Grilles and Weatherproof Cowl can be found on the Manrose website.