Protect your investment and improve the quality of the air for your tenants.

We are not all equals when it comes to healthy homes. The New Zealand General Social Survey shows that owner-occupiers are much less likely to live in damp home conditions than renters are.

Tenancy Services states that all houses must be in a reasonable state of cleanliness before being rented out. This includes being free from mould and dampness.

Once the tenants have moved in, it is their responsibility to keep the house in a condition that doesn’t encourage mould and damp.

Knowing that the average Kiwi family can produce up to 3500 litres of damp air inside their homes, preventing mould is not an easy task. From a tenant’s point of view, if not actively removed, that moisture can lead to condensation, mould and airborne nasties and health problems. For the property owner, dampness left undetected for too long may cause expensive damages.

The SmartVent Lite range are economical ventilation systems that can be locked by property owners to prevent users from switching it off, while still allowing them to adjust fan speeds.

The system filters air brought in from the roof space, then circulates the fresh air around the home to ventilate and help reduce condensation. Moist air is forced out around windows and doors, making the home drier, easier to heat and healthier living environment.

From around $1,700 installed, the Smartvent Lite range are a simple, no fuss way to ventilate a home or rental property. It is suitable for most homes; particularly where timber and older aluminium joinery allows for good air circulation.

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