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Positive Pressure Systems

Control moisture levels with SmartVent Advance– a centralised positive pressure system that constantly evaluates the environmental dynamics in and around your home. Four wireless temperature and humidity sensors measure moisture content throughout the home, in the roof cavity and outside, to calculate dew point which is the measure of when condensation will appear on the windows given the internal temperature and moisture conditions combined with the temperature of the coldest surface. This comprehensive and clever solution can then determine how much improved air quality to introduce to effect change without the risk of over-ventilating. Market-leading Advance technology comes with a range of fantastic features such as flexible upgrade options with weekly scheduling, dew point control, all easily navigated with the intuitive wall controller or App. Just set the preferred temperature and the system does the rest.

Condensation control plus with SmartVent Positive3 – an all-new centralised positive pressure system that monitors both temperature and humidity conditions in your home and at the incoming air source, to ensure that you are benefiting from improved air quality always circulating around your home, and that the home is kept dry. Additional features, such as heat transfer scheduler and heater functions that allow users to easily operate upgrades, are included as standard. Enter your preferred temperature into the easy to use, fully automated, controller and your system will ventilate your home, providing fresh clean air when you need it most. As a temperature and humidity based solution in winter, SmartVent Positive+ not only introduces air faster when warmer and slower when cooler, the system also measures the moisture content in the home and of the incoming air and uses this data to reduce under. or over, ventilation. Temperature protection, set at a user adjustable 5°C default, ensures that continuous cold air is not introduced when the incoming air temperature is below the set temperature protection level. The flexible upgrade options allow users to customise the system to suit their individual needs.

Investment protection plus with SmartVent Lite+ – a home ventilation system that monitors both temperature conditions and humidity to ensure that you are protecting your home or rental property with quality air always circulating and keeping the property dry. As a temperature and humidity based solution, in winter, SmartVent Lite+ not only introduces air faster when warmer and slower when cooler, the system also measures the moisture content in the home and of the incoming air and uses this data to reduce under. or over, ventilation. The rental lock feature enables a property owner to lock the controller to prevent tenants from switching the system OFF while still allowing system temperatures, fan speeds and ventilation scheduler adjustments to suit the lifestyles/needs of the occupants. Low temperature protection, set at a user adjustable default setting of 5°C, ensures that continuous cold air is not introduced when the incoming air conditions are too cold.

Heat Recovery Systems

Maximise energy efficiency with SmartVent Balance – an energy efficient, balanced heat recovery ventilation system that simultaneously supplies fresh air from outside while extracting the moist, stale air from inside. Designed to recover the wasted heat produced from everyday activities (up to 90%) by using the warmth from extracted air to temper incoming air. The air is filtered twice and introduced into your home, reducing moisture and refreshing the air. SmartVent Balance is operated via a digital wall controller and/or the integrated controller on the unit. SmartVent Balance has the latest high efficiency backward curved impellor design ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption and ultra-quiet operation.

Control Indoor air quality with SmartVent Synergy3 – an advanced energy recovery ventilation system that monitors temperature and humidity to deliver the cleanest possible air from the roof cavity or outside. Designed to recover the wasted heat produced from everyday activities (up to 70%) by using the energy from extracted air to temper incoming air. Twice filtered air is introduced into your home reducing moisture and refreshing the air in your home. Your unique SmartVent Synergy3 system comes with four wireless sensors located in and around your home, allowing the system to monitor dew point (the point condensation forms on windows) and ventilate your home as effectively as possible. Your SmartVent Synergy3 system has optional add-ons including secondary air sources, heat transfer and tempering heaters to provide year-round comfort and other features you would expect from a modern ventilation system.

Control Indoor air quality with SmartVent Tempra – designed for single room heat recovery where the roof cavity is restricted or non-existent. This unique, through-wall compact heat exchanger has a temperature efficiency up to 80%, recovering energy and transferring heat back into the room and reducing your carbon footprint while providing quality ventilation in situations where a traditional heat recovery ventilation system is not practical. Able to run on low power consumption rate, and then boost when air quality may drop below the users needs.

SmartVent Lite+, Positive3 and Positive Advance systems are suitable for most homes and particularly well suited to older homes where timber joinery and older aluminium joinery allow air to be forced out more easily and create better air circulation.

SmartVent Synergy3 and Balance systems are particularly suited to modern homes that are better insulated with modern joinery which results in homes being more airtight. Synergy systems in these situations are a complete solution (with active extraction) to achieving an optimum healthy home environment.

No, SmartVent systems uses high-grade filters to greatly reduce harmful particles entering your home. All systems include a high quality F7 hospital-grade filter that captures 80-90% of fine pollens, dusts and allergens from the air, making it cleaner and safe to breathe. A high quality F7 filter is a must for families with asthma and allergy sufferers. F7 Carbon and F7 HEPA/Carbon filters are also available as optional extras.

Yes, SmartVent systems can be installed into your multi-level home, Outlets can be placed around your home by running ducts through wardrobes or other available voids to various levels. It is always best to have a SmartVent accredited installer to assess your home for access.

We recommend that you place an outlet in your living areas and bedrooms. Concerning placement within each room, the outlets should be located centrally or closer to the windows than the door, to encourage good circulation and effective moisture control.


Outlets should be installed at least 1m away from security sensors, smoke alarms and any vertical surfaces such as walls.

They are circular vents, for installation in the ceiling. We also have options for wall grilles, please contact the SmartVent Team for more information.

During the summer months, the temperature of the air in the ceiling cavity can rise significantly. With a Flexi Air Source installed, the system will bring in the cooler outside air instead of the hot ceiling cavity air. This provides a system that ventilates all year round maintaining a healthy living environment for you and your family. The flexi air source is a must for hay fever sufferers.

The tempering heater add on helps take the chill off incoming air. Tempering heaters do not provide a home heating solution.

HeatTrans systems, make use of excess heat, from a suitable heat source, by transferring it from one room and distributing it to other rooms in your home.

By transferring the excess heat, you can efficiently use that warmth to reduce the chill in bedrooms, creating a drier, more comfortable home.

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SmartVent provides a wide range of ventilation systems, which are designed to meet the unique needs of homes across NZ. That’s why the ventilation system price can vary depending on a number of factors. For example:

  • How many rooms do you need to ventilate?
  • Which seasonal add-ons do you need?
  • How large are the rooms?
  • The location of the home
  • The year the home was built

Note that the listed ventilation products and heat transfer system cost does not include installation.