SmartVent Tempra

Constant Trickle Ventilation

SmartVent Tempra is a single room heat recovery unit designed to be installed through an exterior wall so you can ventilate a space without needing a roof cavity.

SmartVent Tempra is suitable for residential retrofit and new builds, elderly care facilities, student accommodation, military barracks and apartments.

SmartVent Tempra meets the performance requirements for continuous ventilation under the NZ Building Regulations. With a 100mm diameter heat recovery outlet, these units have low energy consumption and low noise levels. Based on a 2.4m stud and 0.35 ACH (as per NZS4303.1990), SmartVent Tempra can be set to run continuously at 6 l/s (for rooms up to 25m2) or 9 l/s (for rooms up to 37m2), boosting up to 13 l/s, recovering energy from the extracted air and returning it to the dwelling.

The unique, compact heat exchanger has a temperature efficiency up to 80%, saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint while providing quality ventilation in situations where a traditional heat recovery ventilation system is not practical.

Pricing does not include installation, and additional components may be required at the time of install.

Tempra Through Wall Heat Recovery Fan – deep wall size

Tempra Through Wall Heat Recovery Fan – deep wall size image