Control indoor air quality

SmartVent Balance is a very energy efficient ventilation system which uses the heat of extracted air to simultaneously temper incoming air from outside of the roof cavity.

A SmartVent Balance system monitors temperature conditions to ensure clean, fresh air is always circulating as and when needed around the home.

SmartVent Balance Range

BAL225 3 supply outlets/1 extract (expandable to 4 outlets/2 extracts max.) for homes up to 150m2. Code: FAN6838

BAL405 4 supply outlets/2 extracts (expandable to 6 outlets/3 extracts max.) for homes up to 350m2. Code: FAN6839

Functions Functions

Energy efficient ventilation with extracted warm air used to heat incoming clean air

Suitable Suitable

New and renovated homes

Rooms Rooms

3-5 supply outlet/1-2 extract standard, extend to 4-6 supply outlet/2-3 extract

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