SmartVent Synergy3

SmartVent Synergy3 is a centralised energy recovery system that constantly evaluates the environmental dynamics in and around your home.

Four wireless temperature and humidity sensors measure moisture content throughout the home, in the roof cavity and outside, to calculate dew point which is the measure of when condensation will appear on the windows given the internal temperature and moisture conditions combined with the temperature of the coldest surface. This comprehensive and clever solution can then determine how much improved air quality to introduce to effect change without the risk of over-ventilating. At the heart of these systems the exchange of heat energy from the outgoing air to the incoming air provides an excellent solution for homes built after 2002.

SmartVent Balance

SmartVent Balance is an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system designed specifically for new build and low−permeability properties.

These systems incorporate MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) technology which effectively uses the heat of the stale air being extracted to temper the incoming cold air to ensure that the loss of heat in the home is kept to a minimum. The warm, moist, stale air is extracted from a central point in the home, such as the hallway or wet rooms, through ducting and passed through the heat exchanger before being exhausted to the outside. Incoming fresh air is filtered and then tempered, without being polluted, via the integral counterflow heat exchanger which recovers up to 90% of the heat energy from the home, that would otherwise be wasted, thus maximising energy efficiency. A built-in core bypass allows for effortless summer operation, this European-inspired and manufactured system is set to impress those looking for the best.

SmartVent Tempra

SmartVent Tempra is a single room heat recovery unit suitable for residential retrofit and new builds, elderly care facilities, student accommodation, military barracks and apartments.