Replacing the battery of your SmartVent wireless humidity sensor is easy! The original battery provided with sensors is expected to last between 2 to 5 years or more.

Here is a step by step guide on how to remove and change the battery:

Step 1:

Turn the unit counter-clockwise gently. The lid should separate from the unit with an audible click.The battery compartment lid will remain adhered to the wall/ceiling.

Step 2:

Leverage the CR2032 coin cell from the compartment using a small tool as shown in image. Then insert the replacement battery back into the compartment.

Step 3:

Insert the replacement battery back into the compartment.

Step 4:

Wait at least 3sec. Press the small button on the underside of the unit and observe the LED should flash once.(if it doesn't, consult your user manual's troubleshooting guide)

Step 5:

Replace the unit back onto the battery compartment lid. Note: Alignment guide must be inserted into the alignment slot when putting the battery cover on.

Step 6:

Turn the unit clockwise gently. Locking the unit on the lid. 


If you need additional help, please consult your relevant user manual (find here), or give our support team a call at 0800 140 150.